HTML/CSS Bootstrap Workshop March 2017

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Part 2: Adding a Header

  1. Now we'll be adding our first row, part of the Bootstrap grid system. A good cheat sheet for this system can be found at
    Your code for this will be a div tag with a class of row. Don't forget to close your tag!
  2. Once we have our row, we'll need some columns. Bootstrap divides columns into twelfths. Let's make 4/12 (1/3) of the screen our logo and the other 8/12 (2/3) left for our title.
    Use the -md classes for this section to collapse your sections automatically on smaller screens.
    An example: <div class="col-md-4"> </div> <div class="col-md-8"> </div>
  3. In your first div (width of 4), you'll want to add your logo/image. We'll use Bootstrap's img-responsive class to accomplish this so we don't have to set a specific width. [Cheat Sheet]. Ensure your image has a reasonable height by adding some inline CSS styling:style="max-height:150px;" to your img tag.
  4. In your second div (width of 8), add a h1 tag with your title. Then use a line break (<br/>) to skip to the next line. Use <small> and list a subtitle. Don't forget to close all your tags!
  5. Check to ensure your page looks right by saving the file and opening your site!

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