HTML/CSS Bootstrap Workshop March 2017

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Part 3: Adding Some Text

  1. Add another row, using what you learned in part 1.
  2. Create two columns, using what you learned in part 1. What proportions you want to use is up to you -- just make sure they add up to 12! It does not matter which column you use for the following activities, but create them both so you have options.
  3. Add a paragraph of text using the <p> tag.
  4. In your paragraph, add an <abbr>tag.
  5. Add a list. You can use a bulleted (unordered, <ul>) or numbered (ordered, <ol>) list. Each item in your list will need a <li> or list item tag.
  6. Add a link to an external website, using an anchor (<a>) tag. Ensure it opens in a new tab/window.

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